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Get more referrals, reduce missed sales, and promote strong teamwork

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Contact Database

Organize contacts, record preferences, and store contact information.

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Relationship Management

Keep notes on all text, phone, email, and social messaging in one place.

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Transaction Management

Create checklists and share transaction progress with your team.

What if you threw away your contact database every 4 years?

On average, Realtors spend about 4 years at a brokerage. Many of these agents will use the client relationship management (CRM) software offered by their real estate teams or brokerages. So what happens when they leave? They'll need to export their entire contact database and import it into a brand new system. Luckily, they can avoid this time-consuming, tedious, and painful process by using REALToDo!

Who is REALToDo for?

Team leaders, transaction coordinators, and admins

 Maintain complete control over purchased leads.
 Selectively distribute leads and tasks to your team members.
 Track progress for multiple transactions.
 Track who is doing what throughout transactions.
 Build consistent customer service and transaction checklists.
 Promote strong teamwork and organization.

Realtors, real estate agents, and sales associates

 Maintain complete control over your personal contact database.
 Selectively share leads and transactions with the people you want.
 Stop importing and exporting contacts whenever you switch brokerages.
 Stop struggling with new CRM systems every few years.
 Enoy the refreshingly simple, easy-to-use design.
 Access your contact database anywhere with our web, Apple iOS, and Android apps.

Perfect CRM for real estate teams

With REALToDo, every team member maintains complete ownership over their personal contact database. Team members selectively share the leads and transactions they want with the people they want. This is perfect for team leaders who want to purchase leads and distribute them to Realtors while maintaining control over the full list of contacts. And it's also perfect for Realtors, who want to maintain their contact database on one system - no matter where they go!

Mobile-friendly, cloud-based real estate CRM software

Available for Apple iOS, Android, and desktop.

Web portal for working on your PC or Mac.

Data instantly syncs between your computers and mobile devices.

Modern, cloud-based infrastructure.

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It's fast and easy to get started with REALToDo Real Estate CRM

Free data transfer from other CRMs

Schedule Transfer

Free setup assistance and training

Schedule Setup

On demand customer service

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One real estate CRM on all of your devices using our web, Apple iOS, and Android apps

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