Remember, Distribute, and Finish Tasks

Real estate agent to do list for mobile and web

Sometimes a calendar just isn't enough to fulfill your scheduling needs. If you need a place to write down your thoughts and action items, the REALToDo real estate CRM to do list has you covered. And if you want to notify your team of a task that needs doing, send it out to them with the click of a button. Available on Apple iOS, Android, and your web browser of choice.

Email tasks to clients and colleagues using the REALToDo CRM to do list

REALToDo CRM to do list for real estate agents
REALToDo real estate CRM to do list for agents

Distribute tasks to clients and teammates

Once you've created a task, you can choose to send that task out to whoever you want. Use this to prompt your client for some paperwork, or remind your team that a task needs attention.

Create custom email templates

If you have a standard email you send out frequently, save it as an item in the REALToDo CRM to do list. Whenever you need to send out that email, simply log into your REALToDo account and hit send.

To-do list guide

Want to learn more? Read about how to use the to-do list in our REALToDo CRM to do list walkthrough.