REALToDo CRM To Do List Walkthrough


There are multiple views in the REALToDo CRM to do list module that allow you to sort through your tasks. When you first enter the module you will see all of your tasks shown. Tasks that are greyed out and italicized are those that have been marked completed.

You can filter out either your completed or uncompleted tasks by selecting Completed or Uncompleted from the menu bar on the left side of the screen. You can select Show All to go back to seeing the list as a whole.

REALToDo CRM To Do list completed and uncompleted tasks

You can also separate your to-do items into a double list showing uncompleted tasks on the left and completed tasks on the right by selecting the "Double List" view from this menu. Clicking the arrow between these two lists will move the currently selected to-do from one list to another.

Projects, Tags, and Searching

To easily search through your tasks, type any word or phrase into the search bar at the top of the page. All tasks that have the word or phrase will be displayed.

You can also assign a project and three tags to each item in the REALToDo CRM to do list. When creating or editing a to-do, you can (1) assign a previously created project or (2) select the “Create a New Project” checkbox and define the new project name.

To filter based on project, you can enter the project name in the search bar. You can also click on any project tag to show only tasks that are assigned to that project. Filtering based on your three normal tags is exactly the same.

When you have filtered your to-dos by a tag or project, that button will appear at the top left of your to-do list. Clicking the "x" on the left of that button will clear that filter.

REALToDo CRM To Do list Search Bar

When you view tasks and their overarching projects - along with all other project information - in your "Projects" module. On the dashboard, click the button that says "Projects". In the search bar, enter your project name and click "Search" to display all to-dos, calendar events, contacts, and map markers grouped under that project.

Creating a New To-Do

To add an item to your REALToDo CRM to do list, click the green + New To-Do button on the left-hand menu. This will open an editor in which you can enter information about your task. You can also assign the to-do a project and up to three tags. Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the editor to finish creating the new to-do.

Editing or Completing To-Dos

To edit a new to-do or mark it as completed, first click on the to-do item that you want to change. Once selected, the information for this to-do will appear in the details box to the right of your screen. Beneath the title of the to-do, you'll find your "Edit" and "Completed" buttons.

Clicking the "Completed" button will mark the to-do as Completed, turning this button green. You can change the task back to "Uncompleted" by clicking the same button again. Once a to-do is marked completed, it will appear as grey with italic lettering on your task list. Selected to-dos will always appear in blue to show they are the currently selected task, but will still show italic lettering).

Toggling Completed and Uncompleted To-Dos - REALToDo CRM

To edit a to-do, click the "Edit" button under the title when the task is selected. This will bring you again to the to-do editor that appears when you create a new to-do. Clicking "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen will return you back to the main to-do page and update the task.

Emailing Feature

The REALToDo CRM to do list has an emailing feature that enables you to share tasks with clients, team members, or any other interested party.

If you would like to share a newly created task (or an edit you are making to an existing task), check the box next to "Send an email notification after saving" at the bottom of the to-do editor screen.

If you would like to send an email for an existing task that you are not making changes to, click the green "Send Email" button below the title of the task you have selected.

Once you have opted to send an email on a to-do, a "Launch Application" dialog box will open if you are on a new computer or haven't saved your email preferences. You can save your preferences by checking Remember my choice for mailto links on the dialog box. Select which service you would like the email to open in, and a new email window will appear.

REALToDo automatically populates the subject line with the title of the to-do and the email body with the to-do's description, both of which can be edited before sending.

Sending Tasks Through Email - REALToDo CRM

Deleting a To-Do

To delete a to-do item, select the task that you wish to delete. It will appear in the details box to the right of the screen. Click the "Delete" button, which appears beneath the title of the selected to-do. A link will appear below the buttons that says "Click here to confirm permanent deletion." Clicking this link will delete the to-do permanently. Please note that this also removes it from the parent REALToDo project.