Real Estate Landing Pages from REALToDo CRM

When executed correctly, real estate landing pages can be a great lead generation resource. Yet most real estate agents don't incorporate landing pages into their marketing strategies. Why is that?

Well, here's the thing:

It takes a ton of time and effort to fine tune your landing page design for best results. If you don't invest time, your landing pages will fail to give you the ROI you want.

Of course, you could always hire expert(s) to build your landing pages for you...but that would be expensive. Right?

That's where we come in!

We Get Paid When You Succeed

We'll build your landing page at no cost - and we'll only get paid when you do. We have two pricing structures for you to select from and there are discounts available for REALToDo CRM users. If you're interested in our real estate CRM software, you can learn more by visiting the REALToDo product page.

Pay per lead

The first few leads are on us. After that, we'll charge you a flat rate for each lead you acquire through our landing page. Specific rates are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Pay at closing

We'll take a cut of your commission check after closing. You don't need to pay us (at all!) until then.

How Does It Work?

Real Estate Landing Pages with REALToDo

Here's what we do:

  1. We build real estate landing pages with specific goals (e.g., seller landing pages for generating home seller leads).
  2. We include a contact form on all landing pages.
  3. Visitors to a landing page fill out that form with their contact information.
  4. We funnel those leads into REALToDo CRM or your contact management system of choice.

We design as many or as few landing pages as you need. In most cases, we'll develop 2-3 pages to start out. We figure out which of those pages are performing well, then build on that success if necessary.

Landing pages can be hosted on your own website, a subdomain of your website, or using one of our LandingPagely subdomains. And yes, we will take care of the hosting for you (if you want). That means we pay for the web hosting costs!

Other Services

Out of the box, we build you a performant, responsive landing page with lead capture capability. However, the design of a page can only do so much. In reality, it's video, photos, content, and robust marketing that turns idle visitors into leads.

We'll provide guidance on how and where to incorporate media into your landing page, but you'll need to supply us with that media by default. If you would like assistance in making your landing page successful, we offer a few other paid services.

Keep an out for special deals - sometimes we package these services with landing page construction at discounted rates!

Professional photography and video

Let us handle the professional photographs and video for your property. We'll also work with you to make sure photos and videos are edited to your satisfaction.

3D real estate tours

If simple videos aren't cutting it, we can add 3D real estate tours to your landing page through one of our affiliates.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you want to create a permanent, high-traffic real estate squeeze page for your website, we can assist with SEO. We'll create an SEO strategy for your page or website, choose appropriate keywords, and generate content that will increase your search engine ranking.

Digital marketing

Need help running an effective, targeted Facebook Ads Campaign? We can help with that. We'll also provide graphic design, video editing, and photography services to make your ads shine.

Website construction

So maybe you want something a bit bigger than a landing page. You want to build an entire website! With experience in multiple programming languages and frameworks, we're well-equipped to help you build your new site.

We'll also set up your website to funnel leads to REALToDo CRM. And we'll incorporate well-known, free tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to help optimize conversions.

Mobile app development

If you want to feed listings to your clients, mobile apps are a great supplement to email reminders. We can set you up with a mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

We can configure your app to disseminate listings, reminders, and news letters straight to your clients' phones. And we can also give each client a personalized experience, based on their preferences and location. Let us know what you have in mind!

Landing page and website monitoring

If you choose to host your website on a LandingPagely subdomain, we can monitor your website and give you reports on user activity. For example, we can tell you how long visitors stay on your page, what links they're clicking, and which ad campaigns are yielding conversions.

We can implement these same features on existing websites. However, we won't be able to analyze your web traffic unless you give us access to your site.

Examples of Our Landing Pages

Our responsive landing pages are designed to look great on mobile and desktop screens. We also focus on optimizing page load speed so that users on mobile data connections can quickly view your content.

You'll notice that our real estate landing pages always have one, clear call-to-action. This is an essential quality in a high converting landing page.

By default, all of our landing pages are intended to collect lead contact information, such as phone numbers, emails, and addresses. This information is then fed into REALToDo CRM or your contact managagement system of choice.

Property landing page

Property Listing Landing Page Example LandingPagely

Property Landing Page Demo

If you click the above link, you'll be taken to an example of a single property landing page, which is a type of buyer lead landing page. You can direct users to this page via a marketing platform like Facebook Ads or point them here from your main website.

This demo includes a carousel with photographs of the property, but video, photo galleries, 3D real estate tours, and any other type of media could easily be added to this template.

Open house landing page

Open House Landing Page Example LandingPagely

Open House Landing Page Demo

This is another type of buyer lead landing page. We designed this page to entice buyer leads to attend your open house. You can also use this page to collect contact information during your open house. Simply have interested buyers fill in the form and their information will be deposited right into your CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create landing pages for my existing Wordpress website?

Yes, we can create a Wordpress landing page for your site. We'll need to work with you to make sure that we're matching the styling of your Wordpress theme. But this is a frequent request and easily implemented.

Can you modify my existing website to capture leads?

It depends. We'll need permission from you and/or your brokerage. If it's possible, we'll find a way to help you out with this.

Do you offer home value landing pages?

Yes. Home value landing pages are a popular flavor of seller landing pages and we're happy to build these for you. There are two types of pages in this category - instant access and delayed access.

Instant access pages allow visitors to instantly look up their home value via an IDX plugin (after providing their contact information). We're happy to help you set up these plugins but you'll need to cover the costs. IDX providers typically charge around $30-$50 per month.

Delayed access pages ask visitors to provide their contact information for a free, personalized home valuation. These pages are much simpler and less expensive to create.

My brokerage controls my website - can you still build a landing page for me?

Yes. There are a couple options here. In some cases, we can work with your brokerage's IT professionals to expand your website or place your landing page on a subdomain of your site.

If this isn't possible, we'll host the landing page on a LandingPagely subdomain. We pay for the hosting costs and your website URL will look something like this:

I don't have a website but I want to start using digital advertising - can you help me?

Absolutely. We can host your landing pages on a LandingPagely subdomain so that you don't need to worry about creating a website. If you're looking to build a website, we're more than happy to help with that too.

Depending on your needs, we can assist with your Facebook Ads and Facebook Lead Ads.

Will you funnel leads into my CRM?

It depends. If you're not using REALToDo CRM for your contact management software, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to do this. Some CRM providers may not provide a way for third parties to access their software.

If your CRM has MailChimp or Zapier integrations, there's a good chance that we'll be able to help you. Let us know what you're working with and we'll do our best to figure something out.

What is LandingPagely?

LandingPagely is a service created by UbiquiTools LLC, the company that created REALToDo CRM. It allows people to create custom landing pages for specific goals without the need to host the pages themselves.

Landing pages hosted through a LandingPagely subdomain are backed by Google cloud services, meaning that they're served securely - and at lightning speed.

If you choose to host your landing pages through LandingPagely, you can also outsource your landing page analytics. That means that we handle the web hosting, deployment, maintenance, and tell you how your page is performing.