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There is enough to do without having to worry about your outfit too! Follow our "Real Estate Dress Code" series to find complete, head-to-toe looks for a variety of situations.

Meeting a client for the first time as a real estate agent can be stressful. You want to come across as professional, knowledgeable, and personable, but people can form an impression before you even begin to talk about your real estate acumen. How you dress can make a huge impact on how your clients perceive you. Below is a full outfit for just such an occassion full of soft greys and vibrant yellows - perfect for conveying an even mix of capable and welcoming.

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Sunny, professional yellow dress - REALToDo CRM
This dress is a striking choice for a first meeting with a client. The sunny color is sure to make an impression, but tempered with the professional cut of the dress and the soft grey cardigan below it doesn't become to forward or flashy.

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Elegant cardigan that balances well with a yellow dress - REALToDo CRM
The grey of this cardigan is warm enough to complement the yellow in the dress, but still tones down the brightness by adding a layer of a neutral palette into the mix. The flowy cut contrasts well with the structure of the fitted dress, and it is a steal at only $9.95.

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Bright yellow earrings that pair well with a yellow dress - REALToDo CRM
Earrings are a perfect place to bring a little more yellow back into this outfit without having it be overwhelming. Matching the colors will make you look put together, but leaving the color in an accessory means that you don't have to worry about matching shades, especially when buying online. These studs are a fun combination of traditional and modern that make them a good choice for any type of client.

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Versatile grey heels that go well with almost anything - REALToDo CRM
Shoes offer another easy way to bring color into an outfit, but there is a key reason why we've stayed grey here and chosen a colorful dress instead: grey heels can be made into a staple of your wardrobe. They can complement the yellow dress in this outfit just as well as black pants in another. While these shoes aren't going to break the bank at only $30.00, spending money on pieces you can use again and again with a variety of outfits is worthwhile. And with how cute these heels will look, you'll want to be able to wear them often - something a bright yellow pair might not make feasible.

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