Group Properties, Clients, Tasks, and Events into Projects

Detailed reports with REALToDo CRM

REALToDo real estate CRM allows you to group all of your map markers, clients, to-dos, and calendar events into what we call "projects". You can then use our projects module to view all information for a given project. Create a project for a client, property, event, or anything else you'd like. As always, this feature is available on Apple iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Reports on client interaction

Create a project for a given client, then use that project for all REALToDo items associated with that client. This way, you can use our Projects module to view all tasks, map markers, and calendar events you've made for that client - all in one place.


REALToDo real estate CRM projects mobile
REALToDo CRM projects with map marker details mobile

Reports on specific properties

You can also create a project for a specific property or development. All to-dos, map markers, events, and clients under that project will be viewable in our Projects module.