Custom Map for your Listings, Properties, and Clients

Arresting visuals for your team and clients

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to visualize all of your listed, pending, and sold properties? REALToDo real estate CRM provides you with a custom map, on which you can mark your listed properties, sold properties, pending sales, and anything else you can think of.

  • Demonstrate to clients that you're the expert on their local area by showing them a map covered in green "Sold" markers.
  • Talk with your team about the lack of markers in up-and-coming neighborhoods.
  • Place markers on your map at points of interest, so you can show clients how close a property is to the nearest school, train station, or restaurant.
  • Map anything else you can think of!

Please note that address searching currently is only supported in the U.S. and Canada

Mapping for web and mobile

The REALToDo CRM map operates identically on Android, Apple iOS, and your web browser, so you can whip out your phone and dazzle your clients with a well-prepared map...or sit down at your desktop and plot your sales strategy.

REALToDo map with markers web application

REALToDo CRM map with markers mobile app
REALToDo CRM map with markers mobile app 2

Filter out map markers when you don't need them

So you love the REALToDo CRM map feature but you're saying, "I think that would get messy FAST." If you want a clearer, cleaner picture, you can easily filter out unneeded pins with the click of a button. Useful when you only want to show off your "Sold" properties.

REALToDo mapping in action

If you're interested but you'd like to see the REALToDo mapping module in action, check out the REALToDo Youtube channel and our REALToDo mapping guide.