Work Smarter with Client and Lead Insights

Who are your leads and where are you succeeding?

REALToDo real estate CRM asks you for a good deal of information on your clients, contacts, and leads. How did you meet them? When was their closing date? What did they want to spend - and what did they end up spending?

We use this information to analyze client behavior and give you helpful, actionable data. The REALToDo analysis module shows you the following:

  • Your clients, broken down by user-defined categories
  • Your clients, broken down by acquisition source (how you met them)
  • Your schedule, broken down by how much time you're dedicating to user-defined categories
  • Your map markers, broken down by user-defined categories
  • Your to-dos, broken down by completion

We're always looking for new ways to process your REALToDo data and give you useful insights into customer behavior. Here are a few other analytics we're working on:

  • Geographic locations that clients are coming from
  • Lead sources that are resulting in sales
  • Average time from client creation to closing date
  • Average home prices
  • Average difference between asking price and closing price
  • Average difference between client budget and closing price

If you're a real estate agent using REALToDo CRM and you've got an idea for analytics you'd like to see in our product, get in touch with us by emailing We want to give you valuable insights - so don't hesitate to reach out!