Contact, Client, and Lead Management for Real Estate Agents

Contact management on web and mobile

REALToDo real estate CRM works on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, and tablet. Our mobile application is available for both Apple iOS and Android smart phones. Whether you're on the web or your phone, you'll have full access to your CRM - and updating your information on one device instantly updates your data across all devices.

REALToDo CRM contact management web application small

REALToDo CRM contact management mobile application
REALToDo CRM property management mobile application

Keep track of your communications across phone, text, email, and social networks

REALToDo CRM allows you to keep track of communications with your clients via phone, email, text, and Facebook. When you contact your client through REALToDo, the app will automatically log that communication for future reference. You can even make a note of that communication in your app so you won't forget why you called!


REALToDo CRM contact clients multiple ways
REALToDo CRM text via mobile application

Automatic and custom reminders to contact your clients

When you create a client, contact, or lead in REALToDo CRM, you'll receive automatic reminders to contact them. These reminders are more frequent for recently created contacts and taper off slowly as you get to know your clients. You can also create custom reminders so that you never forget to get in touch on a client's birthday or the anniversary of their last closing date.



REALToDo CRM in action

If you're interested but you'd like to see REALToDo CRM in action, check out the REALToDo Youtube channel and our REALToDo client management basics guide.