REALToDo Calendar Walkthrough


There are three main views in the calendar module: month, week, and list. Switch calendar views by clicking the corresponding buttons at the top left corner of your calendar.

Calendar Month/Day/Week - REALToDo CRM

The month view shows the entire month of events, the week view one whole week from Sunday to Saturday, and the list view shows an ordered list of all events for a given day.

You can move forward and back in time by clicking the navigational arrows at the top right of the calendar.

Categories and Filters

Like the map and contact modules, the calendar module gives you the ability to color-code and filter events by category. You can customize each color by naming it in your settings tab on the dashboard.

Details for your event will be displayed on the right of your screen. You can change the category and color of an event by selecting an option from the color bar in your event details box.

You can toggle this box on and off by selecting Show/Hide Event Details on the sidemenu.

You can filter out different colored events from your calendar by checking or unchecking the boxes above your calendar.

Calendar Filter Categories - REALToDo CRM

Creating a New Event

There are three ways to create a new event:

  • Click the green + New Event button on the left sidemenu. This will open the new event dialog box and allow you to input event information, including an event title, start/end dates and times, and comments. You can also select a category for your event here by selecting the colored buttons. Clicking Save at the bottom will finish creating the event and add it to your calendar.

  • In the week view, click and hold the time slot during the week when you want your event to start. Drag your cursor to the time when you want your event to end, then release to create the event. You can then edit this event using the event details box on the right side of the screen.

Creating a New Calendar Event - REALToDo CRM

  • If you want to create an event that will span an entire day or multiple days, go to the month view of the calendar. Then just simply click on the day you would like your event to be placed, or click and drag for multiple days. Once the event is created, you can again edit it using the event details box on the right side of the screen.

Editing Events

To edit an event, select the event you would like to change. The information on that event will appear in the event details box to the right side of the screen. At the top of that box is a button that says Edit. Clicking that will allow you to alter the event's information, including the event title and description.

If you simply want to change the time an event is occurring, you can use the above method, or you can drag the event in the week view to the new start and end times you would like. When you hover over an event in this view, two small white lines will appear on the bottom of the event block. Dragging these will allow you to extend or reduce the time that event takes place. You can similarly alter the duration of all day or multi-day events by dragging the event blocks in the month view.

Editing a Calendar Event - REALToDo CRM

Deleting an Event

To delete an event, first select the event you would like to get rid of. Its information will appear in the event details box on the right side of the screen. On the top of that box, select the delete button in red. A line of text will appear that reads “Click here for permanent deletion.” Clicking that text will delete the event permanently.

Deleting a Calendar Event - REALToDo CRM