The Biggest Social Media Mistakes Made by Real Estate Agents

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Most real estate professionals know an agent whose business really took off thanks to social media. The prospect of an earnings explosion while spending considerably less than traditional advertising costs is a good reason to embrace social networks.

When it comes to getting the most out of social media, real estate is a tough sell. This is because so many agents are crowding the field, searching for the same customers and employing the same marketing plans just to be noticed. As a result, it's very easy to make one or more goofs when using these networks to build a business. Here are five common mistakes to avoid.

Using a Lackluster Profile

Many agents skimp on the time needed to create a great profile, the first thing required in any social media account. Since each network has its own profile requirements, this isn't a one-size-fits-all task. Regardless, profile information should be concise and current. For networks with a "story" field, there is plenty of space for information plus hyperlinks. A reader can go directly to your Web site by clicking on a link from this section of the profile.

Posting Only Listings

When an agent posts only property listings, readers tend to think spam. Few will want to return to a page limited to residences for sale and links to property details. One way to avoid this mistake is posting just one featured listing on the same day every week. It should include a topnotch photo of the home's interior or exterior. Information about the neighborhood and a question about a feature in the photo will attract potential customers.

Giving the Wrong People Access

Everybody feels busy in this electronic age. The temptation is to give access to social media accounts to a number of people to save time. Usually this means marketing assistants or fellow agents. Account access information should go only to individuals who are 100 percent trustworthy. A better choice is not sharing this information and managing postings and responses to questions yourself.

Ignoring Comments

Comments and questions can pile up quickly on a social media account and require prompt responses. It's only human to get peeved when a comment contains an insult about you, your company, or a posting. Deleting comments is a mistake. So is responding negatively. It's important to respond professionally and politely, and to show why followers should choose you as their agent. The correct way to deal with downright vulgar comments is reporting them to the network.

Posting at Inconsistent Intervals

Posting now and then with no apparent fixed schedule and no particular flow of content is a major mistake. Readers need to know when to anticipate posts. This means agents should establish and publish a schedule, then stick to it. Out of topic ideas? There are dozens. Some easy ones are tips for home sellers or buyers and ideas on home d├ęcor.

Avoiding these five common social media mistakes and publishing diverse content that features top-quality photos and videos will attract customers. Readers are most likely doing multiple things while scanning content. Providing unusual approaches such as interviews with public officials will draw their attention. Real estate professionals can also dust such interactive content with bolder content recognizable as advertising. Finally, don't forget to check back often to see which new tips we have for growing your business.

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