Sharing Leads in a Real Estate Team Using REALToDo

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REALToDo allows you to easily share leads, their contact history, and associated reminders with members on your real estate team. You can also share checklists to make sure that the whole team knows where a given client is in the transaction process.

Creating a Group and Adding Members


To start sharing with your real estate team, you'll need to create a REALToDo Group. You can do this by navigating to the REALToDo web app or by logging into your REALToDo app on Apple iOS or Android. Look for the "Shared" link and click on it.

Once you're in the Shared module, you can create a group by selecting "New Group" (1). On saving your group, you'll see that it pops up in your group list on the left (2). The details for that group are listed on the right (3). Now that you've created a group, you'll want to add your team members to it by clicking "Add Member" (4).


To add a group member, you'll need their REALToDo account ID. Every REALToDo user can find their account ID by navigating to their settings and selecting "Show Account ID". Copy the account ID exactly as it appears.

Sharing Leads and Contacts

Sharing contacts to the group is as simple as entering the contact database, clicking options, and selecting "Share". When sharing a contact, you also have the option to share your contact history with them (e.g., your phone calls, texts, and emails) and all of the reminders you've created for them (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries of purchase, and other important dates).


Once you've shared a contact with a group, it's probably best to communicate with that contact through the group - this way all group members are aware of what's going on with that contact. Any group member can create an entry in that contact's history, which will be tracked within the group.

In the below example, two different group members, Royce and Tay, communicated with the contact (Ben Hogan) and both of these communications are recorded within that contact's history.

Group Contact History REALToDo Web App 2

Sharing Transactions and Tasks

Sharing transaction checklists is similar to sharing contacts. Simply navigate to the checklists module, click the "Share" button, and select the group you would like to share the checklist to. This will share the full transaction checklist to the group, allowing any group members to complete tasks.

In the group to-do list, "Reminders" are marked by the reminder icon (a small bell) while transaction checklist items are marked by the transaction icon (a bullet list).

Sharing Tasks in REALToDo Web App

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