REALToDo Product Update 9

REALToDo CRM Product Update

Changes in February 2018

Lots of cosmetic changes to REALToDo Real Estate CRM this month. We've completely changed the navigation system for the web app - now all of your modules can be accessed by clicking the links in your navbar at the top of your screen. This makes the user experience across our mobile and web applications more similar (and makes navigation easier).

Perhaps most importantly, we added an "Other" option for contacting your clients and leads. This way, you can record any communication with your clients - even those not currently supported by REALToDo CRM. This gives you added flexibility and allows you to group all contact for a given client within REALToDo.

Additionally, we've toned down colors in the REALToDo CRM to do list and contacts modules. Again, we did this to make the user experience more enjoyable. Read on to see specific changes that we've made over the last month.

If you would prefer to see the changes we've made, you can watch our video summary for Product Update 9 below:

This video refers to this update as "Product Update 8" (oops) - don't worry, it actually covers "Product Update 9"

Web application

As is usually the case, we made changes to the web application first, then migrated these changes to the mobile applications. We always try to keep our mobile and web experiences as similar as possible.


General changes

  • Login and sign up page has changed to be a bit more user friendly
  • Navigation to the different parts of REALToDo has been moved into a static navbar which you can see on all modules
  • Size of dashboard reminders has been increased
  • Added calendar event and to-do feed to the REALToDo dashboard

Contacts, clients, and leads

  • Added minimization/maximization buttons to the contact editing form
  • Changed look of contacts in your contact list - now they display with a small color indicator to the left of the contact name
  • Added in "other" option for contacting clients, which allows users to specify a form of contact that is not built into REALToDo

REALToDo CRM to do list

  • Similar to the contacts, clients, and leads module, the REALToDo CRM to do list now has a checkbox next to all to-dos, rather than a full-color list item

Mobile application

All applicable changes to the web application (shown above) were successfully rolled into the mobile applications. Some of the changes above were already implemented in the mobile app and we simply adjusted the web application to match the mobile application layout.

User feedback

Changes to the web app navigation system were a direct result of user feedback. We hope you guys are happy with the changes! As we've said in the past, we want to make our product better for you, so if you have suggestions for improvement or you've encountered a bug of some kind, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

Thank you for using REALToDo Real Estate CRM!

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