REALToDo Product Update 7

REALToDo CRM Product Update

Product launch details

First things first: REALToDo CRM should be available for purchase in late January. There have been some hiccups along the way, but we're confident that we can give you this product within the month. If you're interested in using REALToDo CRM, please feel free to get in touch with us at Expect a launch date announcement within the next couple weeks!

Email reminders, email tracking, data export, and projects aggregation

Phew, that's a lot of new features. But you may have noticed that we're now focusing on organizing your data and presenting it in a useful way over creating entirely new functions. This is an intentional design choice. We want to keep REALToDo CRM lightweight, simple, and affordable and that means avoiding the trap that so many CRMs fall into - TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH.

General updates

Email reminders

Real estate is a busy, fast-paced business and it's all too easy to let clients (and potential clients!) slip through the cracks. REALToDo CRM now reminds you to keep in touch with your contacts. We have set up our product with both default and custom reminders that display on your dashboard.

Reminders to contact clients - REALToDo CRM

Export data

By popular demand, we have added in the ability to export your data in formatted tables. This feature makes it simple for you to export portions of your data for specific uses - names and addresses from your client database, for instance, could be shared with a separate application or vendor.

export client data - REALToDo CRM

export client data to excel - REALToDo CRM

Email tracking

We've also set up an email tracking feature. You can create a timestamped record of each email, then send that email with your email provider of choice. This way, you can keep the email provider you love while still tying that information into REALToDo CRM.

full email history - REALToDo CRM

email history for specific contact - REALToDo CRM

Projects aggregation

Projects aggregation allows you to assign overarching projects to your clients, to-dos, events, and locations. All REALToDo features grouped under the same project can be viewed in a single, tidy report.

project reports - REALToDo CRM

Web application updates


  • Map style has been changed significantly, adding in street and region names.
  • Maps should now respond and load much faster than before.
  • You can now group map markers into overarching projects.

map style changes example 1 - REALToDo CRM

map style changes example 2 - REALToDo CRM

Clients, contacts, and leads

  • You can now associate up to three properties with a given contact.
  • On web app: Access these properties by scrolling to the bottom of that contact's information and clicking the "Show" button in the Properties section.
  • You can now define a client's age, occupation, and acquisition source (e.g., Facebook Ad, networking event, or a specific marketing campaign).
  • You can now set a reminder to contact a client; on the date that you define, you will receive a reminder from REALToDo CRM to contact that client. Use this for special dates (birthdays, anniversaries of purchase, holidays) and to remind yourself to touch base with clients.
  • On creation of a client, you can choose to place a map marker at that client's current address - this will take you to the REALToDo Map and automatically search for that client's address.
  • On creation of a property, you can choose to place a map marker at that property - this will take you to the REALToDo Map and automatically search for that property's address.

associate properties with clients REALToDo CRM


  • You can now group calendar events into overarching projects.

To-Do List

  • You can now choose to send an email on creation of a to-do
  • Checking this option will pull up your email provider of choice, pre-populating the body with the text of your to-do.

Mobile application updates

Mobile app functions are being aligned with those in the web app. Functionality should be the same, so we won't include any updates here. However, we've included some snapshots below so you can see more of the mobile app.

mobile email reminders - REALToDo CRM

mobile client database - REALToDo CRM

mobile map style changes - REALToDo CRM

Wrapping up

That's it! We're getting great feedback from the community on our product and we're looking forward to taking it live in the near future. If you're a real estate agent searching for a new CRM, please feel free to get in touch with us with your questions and comments by emailing

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