REALToDo Product Update 12

REALToDo CRM Product Update

Release notes

  • REALToDo Web App Version 1.1.3 released 6/23/18
  • REALToDo Mobile Version 0.3.0 released 6/18/18

Changes in June 2018

Users can now import contacts from Excel, CSV files, and other spreadsheet file formats. Read our contact import guidelines for more information.

Added 5 new colors to the Contacts module and 5 new colors to the Calendar module. Dashboard now differentiates between "reminders" and "other tasks", where user-defined custom reminders and other tasks are to-do and checklist items. Donut charts on the dashboard now show how close you are to completing your tasks for the day.

Importing contacts into REALToDo

If you're importing data from another CRM or if you regularly purchase leads in bulk, chances are you want to avoid adding contacts one-by-one. We've added an "Import Contacts" button to the REALToDo web app that allows you to upload contacts from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and many other spreadsheet formats.

New colors for contacts and calendar events

Product Update 12 New Contact Colors REALToDo Web

As promised in previous product updates, we've added new colors to the calendar and contact modules in REALToDo. This should give users more flexibility in color-coding their contacts and events.

Since there are now 10 color options (each) for contacts and calendar events, we've created "hide all" and "show all" buttons, that allow you to more quickly zero in on the colors you're interested in seeing.

You may also notice that we've omitted these extra colors from the map module. Well, that's because the map is currently the least popular module in REALToDo. We're considering removing it entirely from the application and will keep you posted on changes where that's concerned.

Dashboard reminders and to-dos

Product Update 12 Dashboard Summary REALToDo

Product Update 12 Dashboard Reminders Table REALToDo

Reminder to-dos are now split from checklist items and general to-dos. This makes it easier for you to view and prioritize your daily client relationship management tasks.

You'll now see two separate donut charts on your dashboard showing your tasks for the day. Your completed tasks are displayed as the green portion of the graph, while uncompleted tasks are shown in blue.

Other updates

  • Dashboard message now only displays once per session (web app only)
  • Improved support for Internet Explorer 11 (web app only)
  • Home screen now shows "Login" button instead of "Sign Up" button in center of screen unless user is trying to sign up (web app only)

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