REALToDo Product Update 11

REALToDo CRM Product Update

Release notes

  • REALToDo Web App Version 1.1.1
  • REALToDo Mobile Version 0.2.8
  • These updated versions will be going live on 6/2/18 at 11:59 PM EST

Changes in April/May 2018

Transaction management has been added as a core feature of REALToDo. Users can now create groups of to-dos called checklists. Checklist features:

  • Fully customizable - change due dates, checklist steps, etc.
  • Checklists can be copied, saving you time and effort
  • Contacts can be assigned to checklists
  • Home inspectors, lenders, appraisers, photographers, title company, listing agent, and buying agent can also be specified in checklists
  • REALToDo includes built-in checklist templates that you can use to get started

To-Dos for the day are now highlighted on your dashboard. Within the to-dos module, we automatically display your most pressing to-dos.

Reminders are being expanded. Previously, you could only create one special reminder - now you can create unlimited reminders. These changes have important implications, which we'll discuss below.

We've begun setting up email alerts, which will be sent to your inbox on dates that you define. You'll see an option to turn off/turn on these email alerts within your settings.

Transaction management comes to REALToDo

After speaking with hundreds of real estate agents and REALToDo users, we identified a single feature that the vast majority of people wanted: transaction management! So we've made some big changes to our to-do features to emphasize fully customizable checklists that you can assign to clients.

These checklists can be used to create standard procedures for anything you would like. Here are some examples:

  1. Buyer leads: Checklist for all the steps involved with serving a buyer, including signing a buyer agreement, crafting an offer, repair negotiations, closing documents, and everything in between.
  2. Seller leads: Checklist for all the steps involved with serving a seller, from prospecting all the way to close.
  3. Follow-up campaigns: Checklist for systematic follow-up, such as the popular 8x8 (8-by-8) or 33-touch campaigns.

REALToDo Checklist on Web App Example

Get started with our built-in templates

Did we mention that we include default checklists out of the box? REALToDo includes buyer, seller, and weekly contact checklists. These default templates can be copied at any time and can help you get started with our transaction management system.

Fully customizable checklists

Of course, different real estate teams will have different ways of processing clients. With REALToDo, you can build your own checklist templates and copy them at any time.

Project field changes

Before this update, projects and tags worked effectively the same. We're taking project fields out of the REALToDo web and mobile apps. Projects will now be automatically assigned for specific types of to-dos and leads.

For instance, to-dos will be automatically tagged as "Checklist" to-dos if they are part of a checklist. Similarly, reminder to-dos will be tagged with "Reminder". These sorts of structured values allow us to provide you with a better user experience (such as color-coded tags).

Please update your project and tag organization

Because of these changes, all currently existing projects will be changed into tags. We'll do this automatically for you, but if you have a specific project/tag structure that you want to maintain, you should make changes to your REALToDo account by 11:00 PM on 6/2/2018.

To avoid losing any of your data, simply copy your project value into one of your three available tags.

If you have not made these changes by 6/2/2018, we will automatically change your projects into tags. If your tags are all in use, we'll put your project value into your comments.

Dashboard changes

The dashboard (or home screen on your REALToDo Mobile app) now displays two donut charts: one for your leads and one for your to-dos. Additionally, these panels tell you how many tasks you have for the day and how many contacts you have in your database.

Note that the automated contact system has been retired. Instead, we've given you the ability to create unlimited reminders and checklist items. These will appear in your to-do module based on date.

REALToDo Dashboard on Web App Example

Other updates

  • Double list view for to-dos module has been removed (web app only)
  • To-dos may now be viewed by date
  • Payment prompts have been moved into the navbar (web app only)
  • Tool tips have been added to customizable features
  • Navbar now contains links to to-dos, contacts, and checklists modules - calendar and map links have been moved into the dashboard sidebar (web app) and footer (mobile app)
  • Notification bar has been added to the top of your dashboard - you'll find helpful messages from the REALToDo team here.
  • Export options have been moved into the help menu to free up space within the module sidebars (web app only)

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