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Dressing professionally in the winter can be challenging. Most women are faced with a choice: wear something stuffy and unflattering or...lose the feeling in their legs once they've been outside for a few minutes. In this "Real Estate Agent Dress Code" article, we show you a ready-made outfit that will keep you warm (and fashionable). Whether you've got an office caravan on a chilly day or an open house with some open windows, the pieces below will keep you winter ready without sacrificing your look.

Take a look at the individual clothing items below, or go straight to the full real estate outfit (prices included) at the bottom of this article.

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Individual real estate outfit pieces

Warm Winter Work Dress

Warm winter business dress - RealToDo CRM

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This dress has several elements that make it the perfect start to a layered winter look. Long sleeves without excess fabric means it is easy to wear both with and without a coat, allowing an easy transition between indoor and outdoor commitments. A flowing A-line skirt gives it the ability to layer without showing tight lines that might be seen beneath a different silhouette. And with multiple colors to choose from, including dark violet and wine, you can keep colors in your winter look that will still mesh with a combination of different outerwear layers.

To see a similar dress in a short-sleeve version for the warmer months, see our Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Professional Wardrobe Basics article.

View this item on Amazon: Laksmi Knee Length Dresses, Women's Long Sleeve Elegant Vintage A Line Swing Dress (Wine)

Black Tights

Black tights to match any winter look - RealToDo CRM

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Black tights are an easy choice when it comes to a winter wardrobe staple. They can be paired with nearly any dress or skirt and can keep a professional look while still keeping your legs warm. These tights also come in Espresso (a warm brown) and Cobblestone (a navy blue) and for the low price you could easily add all three to your wardrobe for added versatility.

For another real estate agent look that could benefit from the warmth and style of these tights, check out our Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Holiday Work Outfit article. These could be easily added for an extra layer when the temperature drops!

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Beige Infinity Scarf

A warm winter infinity scarf makes the perfect accessory - RealToDo CRM

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A scarf is perhaps the perfect winter accessory: it's functional, fashionable, easy to take on and off, and - most importantly - warm! This infinity scarf is an excellent example of all of these elements. Infinity scarves are ideal for a business setting as their shape keeps them professional and out of the way while still keeping you cozy and stylish. Layering this scarf in beige over the wine-colored dress adds a pop of brightness that's tempered by the rest of the practical black accessories.

View this item on Amazon: Knit Winter Infinity Scarf for Women Fashion Thick Warm Circle Loop Scarves Beige

Black Wedge Ankle Boots

Black wedge boots for a winter-appropriate heel - RealToDo CRM

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Shoes can prove to be one of the trickiest parts of a good winter wardrobe. It can be tempting to throw on a pair of snow boots and call it a day. However, there are other ways to keep your toes warm while still matching the professionalism of the rest of your look. These wedge boots let you maintain a heel in winter without risking your life - or at least your ankles - by trying to walk over ice or snow in a heel that has less surface area. And not only is the price on these shoes low, but their color and look means they can be dressed up and down to be worn until the snow melts.

View this item on Amazon: Marco Republic Galaxy Womens Wedge Boots - (Black)

Satin Black Headband

Classic black headband for any style - RealToDo CRM

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While a classic black headband can be added to almost any look or style, it works well with this outfit for a few different reasons. The first, and most practical, is that adding a small touch like this keeps your hair looking professional and put-together, even through winter winds or hat hair. Another reason to add it here is to match the color of the black tights and shoes; by adding the dark tone back in at the literal top of your outfit, it prevents the look from becoming too color-blocked or bottom heavy and ties all of the accessories together.

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Complete real estate outfit with prices

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