Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Summer Wardrobe Staples

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There is enough to do without having to worry about your outfit too! Follow our "Real Estate Agent Dress Code" series to find complete, head-to-toe looks for a variety of situations.

No matter where you are, finding work-appropriate clothing items that don't leave you melting in the summer can be a challenge.

As a real estate agent, this task can be even more difficult, since the wardrobe choices already have to accommodate the speed and versatility that the job requires.

That's where this outfit comes in! Light-weight and easy-to-wear pieces are combined in a way that makes them simple to mix and match with other items you already own.

Grab one of our choices to incorporate into your summer closet, or wear them all to complete the look and keep you cool when the weather is hot.

Take a look at the individual clothing items below, or go straight to the full real estate outfit (prices included) at the bottom of this article.

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Individual real estate outfit pieces

Sunny White and Yellow Summer Dress

Dresses are a smart summer choice for many reasons: they can be stylish, versatile, and - most importantly - breezy and cool for even the most sweltering days.

With its trendy length and fun, bright pattern, this piece could just as easily be dressed up for the office or kept casual for a night out.

While we've chosen this statement sunflower option, this dress is available in multiple other prints and colors. (If you don't see one that strikes you, check out another other choice for a light and bright yellow dress here.)

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Brown Ankle-Strap Wedges

Nothing beats a good pair of wedges in the summer. Whether you're putting up signs or on your feet for an open house, this pair can keep you cool and comfortable.

The texture of the weave that makes up the heel brings a little more visual interest to this shoe, but a soft toe balances it out.

The varying shades of brown in these heels works well to bring out some of the more neutral tones in the bright dress pattern above, making them the perfect match.

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Cropped Brown Cardigan

This cute brown cardigan is what really makes this outfit office ready.

The cropped silhouette keeps the look from feeling too layered on a summer day, and also means that this piece doesn't take away from the cut of the dress we've chosen.

It's not just the length of this cardigan that's cropped, either. Shorter sleeves ensure this piece doesn't feel too heavy on warmer days.

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White Gold Bracelet with Yellow Stones

The cropped sleeves of the cardigan above create the perfect opportunity to wear a pretty and eye-catching bracelet.

The white gold plating on this piece makes it feel appropriate for summer, and the yellow stones are a nice nod to the tones in the sunflower print of the dress.

A low price seals the deal in making this the perfect sparkly summer accessory.

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Complete real estate outfit with prices

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