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For real estate agents, cultivating a professional and client-friendly appearance is important. And while grunge has been associated with many things, professional and friendly aren't usually the first adjectives that come to mind. This doesn't mean you have to abandon your own personal tastes altogether and settle for a bland and boring wardrobe though. You can turn the best elements of a classic grunge look into an office-appropriate style - we show you how below.

This outfit is an entire nineties throwback in a single look. Elements from the laid-back plaid and edgy black of the grunge scene are tempered by clean lines and a professional cardigan to pull the whole thing together. Whether you choose one of the pieces below to integrate into your wardrobe or you go complete with the entire set, these grunge-inspired clothes are sure to rock your professional look.

Take a look at the individual clothing items below, or go straight to the full real estate outfit (prices included) at the bottom of this article.

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Individual real estate outfit pieces

Grunge-Inspired Top in Deep Green Plaid

Grunge-Inspired Top in Deep Green Plaid

A tank top probably isn't most agents' first thought when it comes to professional real estate office attire. But in the right situation, and paired with a good set of other work-appropriate pieces, this plaid tank adds the perfect amount of edge and style to elevate this look. Our choice is the deep green pictured above, but blue and red options are also currently available on Amazon (although for under $10.00 each, you might just need all three).

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Stylish Black Skinny Jeans

Stylish Black Skinny Jeans - REALToDo CRM

There are of course professional situations in which a pair of jeans won't fly, even if they are as flattering and stylish as this black skinny pair. In those cases, you could swap this pick out for a pair of black work trousers (for a good choice, see the ones featured in our Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Flexible Professional outfit). However, for more casual offices or work days, the clean lines and slim profile of these jeans pairs nicely with the flowy top above. The undeniable cool of the black denim just nearly makes up for the fact that they're not ripped to shreds for a proper grunge look.

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Flowy Professional Black Knit Cardigan

Flowy Professional Black Knit Cardigan - REALToDo CRM

While not certainly not the most exciting element of this outfit, this cardigan is vital for pulling the whole thing together and making you office ready. Though this could easily pass for your standard black work cardigan combined with any other wardrobe pieces, the knit fabric and long, loose profile compliment the bold look and grunge aesthetic of the other clothes shown here.

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Trendy Black Ankle Boots

Trendy Black Ankle Boots - REALToDo CRM

No proper grunge-inspired outfit would be complete without an awesome pair of shoes to round out the look. These shoes are another pick that could easily be added to a professional wardrobe to give your regular office choices a bit of an edge. Chunky heels combine with the trendy ankle boot style in - of course - black. If you need to trade this choice for a slightly more standard office staple, check out the black pumps in our Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Professional Wardrobe Basics article - or see the black ankle boots featured in our Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Winter Wardrobe outfit for a solid middle ground.

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Complete real estate outfit with prices

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