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There is enough to do without having to worry about your outfit too! Follow our "Real Estate Agent Dress Code" series to find complete, head-to-tFoe looks for a variety of situations.

We know that real estate is a unique line of work - you've got to be equal parts professional and flexible. In this "Real Estate Agent Dress Code" article, we'll present you with our own spin on the flexible professional look and hopefully give you some ideas for expanding your wardrobe.

It is important to give the appearance of professionalism as a real estate agent. However, it is equally important to make your clients feel comfortable and trusting in their relationship with you as their real estate professional. There's a time and a place for that extra professional outfit (follow that link for an ensemble that meets this need without breaking the bank), but it is important as an agent to be flexible and prepared for any of the number of situations that can arise in the course of a normal day. These clothing items maintain a professional look while allowing for a flexible and casual vibe that can accommodate a laid-back client or a hectic day.

Take a look at the individual clothing items below, or go straight to the full real estate outfit (prices included) at the bottom of this article.

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Individual real estate outfit pieces

Black Work Trousers

Casual black work pants - RealToDo CRM

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Trousers like these are a good starter to a casual, professional outfit. Pants can allow for more flexibility in a number of situations, from running - literally - between meetings to playing with your client's children while he looks over documents. These specifically have a little bit of stretch in the fabric to keep them comfortable without sacrificing any of the classic trouser silhouette.

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Flattering Light Pink Blouse

Classic blouse in a flattering silhouette - RealToDo CRM

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This blouse is the perfect compliment to the structured look of the trousers above. It is flowing and flattering without being too casual, and the light apricot color is pretty and understated. Flexible enough for a casual meeting and comfortable enough for a day of setting up for sale signs, it's lucky that this blouse comes in such a variety of shades and patterns so you can own more than one.

View this item on Amazon: BAISHENGGT Women's Long Sleeve Pleated Front Mesh Blouse Apricot

Soft Nude Ballet Flats

Comfortable and elegant flats - REALToDo CRM

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With multiple fabrics, textures, and tones, it's easy to choose a pair of these flats that match any choice of the equally versatile blouse above. The soft nude choice shown here works nicely with the slightly pinker shade of apricot in the blouse without looking too matched. Nude flats have the added benefit of being a wardrobe chameleon - able to blend into any outfit and look perfectly paired.

View this item on Amazon: DREAM PAIRS Sole Classic Women's Casual Pointed Toe Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats Shoes Nude Nubuck

Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

A classy bangle bracelet in a trendy finish - REALToDo CRM

Customer reviews: 68
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With shades of apricot and nude, what accessory could be more fitting than a thin, rose gold-tone bangle bracelet. Small touches like these can tie an entire outfit together and keep your look professional, cohesive, and flexible. (For more on how to be smart with your accessories, see "How to Dress for Success as a Woman in Real Estate")

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Complete real estate outfit with prices

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