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It's caravan day! For a real estate agent, caravans can be a useful and rewarding way to see new listings. However, they also require a little extra planning when it comes to your wardrobe - unless you want to spend your afternoon scrambling in and out of cars in a pencil skirt! Make the most of your office caravan with the outfit below. It combines elements that are both practical and professional into a cohesive and stylish look, perfect for meeting your peers and exploring your community.

Take a look at the individual clothing items below, or go straight to the full real estate outfit (prices included) at the bottom of this article.

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Individual real estate outfit pieces

Dark Green Blouse with a Bow

A pretty and stylish blouse with a bow - RealToDo CRM

3.9 out of 5 stars / 188 customer reviews

It's rare to find any blouse that can look both classy and comfortable. Not only does this one hit both marks, but the trendy bow and striking color elevate it from your typical workplace top. Flattering and flowy, this blouse stays professional without being too structured or formal. Caravan days are full of transitions, so choosing a lightweight material with a long-sleeved silhouette gives you added flexibility while moving between houses.

View this item on Amazon: ACEVOG Womens Bow Tie Neck Long Sleeve Casual Work Chiffon Blouse Tops

Professional Grey Dress Pants

Smart and professional dress pants - RealToDo CRM

4.2 out of 5 stars / 2,465 customer reviews

Dress pants aren't always the most thrilling part of an outfit to explore, but they are an important wardrobe staple. And while they may not be exciting, finding a good pair of work pants can be a game-changer, especially when you're planning on spending your day running in and out of houses during a caravan. These pants are functional and stylish, with over two thousand reviews on Amazon. Picking a soft grey instead of the traditional black dress pant blends elegantly with the dark green of the blouse and gives the classic silhouette a little more visual interest.

View this item on Amazon: Rekucci Women's Ease In To Comfort Boot Cut Pant (Charcoal)

Fashionable Green Suede Wedges

Functional and Fashionable Green Suede Shoes - RealToDo CRM

3.9 out of 5 stars / 748 customer reviews

These wedge heels play well off of the rest of this outfit. The dark green compliments the blouse nicely, though the different material gives the shoes a softer look. Choosing heels instead of flats keeps the outfit a little more formal, but the wedge heels on these shoes means they'll still work well for a caravan day when you have to be on your feet and able to move around quickly. While shown here in a similar shade to the blouse, these shoes are actually available in a number of different colors and materials, including a number of neutrals. If one of those shades would work better in your wardrobe as a whole, swap them out to maximize your use.

View this item on Amazon: Forever Doris-21 Wedges Pumps-Shoes Olive Suede

Copper Earring Set

Unique and Eye-Catching Copper Earrings - RealToDo CRM

4.3 out of 5 stars / 281 customer reviews

This jewelry set is a personal favorite of mine. It's interesting without being over-the-top, and the copper gives it a modern touch over a typical silver or gold set. Throw in the fact that you can get the matching earrings and necklace for less than $20.00, and it's hard to beat. For this outfit, the detailing at the neck of the blouse would make a necklace feel a little out of place, so wear the earrings by themselves here and save the set as a whole for another day.

If these earrings aren't your style, check out our Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Extra Professional on a Budget article for another option: classic silver hoops that would stay out of your way during caravan day, but still offer this understated outfit a little bit of shine.

View this item on Amazon: Women's Long Copper Leaf Pendant Necklace & Earring Set Trendy Bohemian Jewelry (Copper Necklace & Earring Set)

To see another outfit that could work well for a caravan - or for any day that requires your outfit to have some extra adaptability - check out our Real Estate Agent Dress Code: Flexible Professional article.

Complete real estate outfit with prices

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