Homeowners: What Is Homeownership Really Like?

What is home ownership really like? Is it worth it? Before they took the plunge into real estate, all homeowners started by asking these questions. Most of them started with a simple Google search - but they probably encountered some pretty polarizing opinions (which absolutely never happens on the internet). For your education and amusement, REALToDo CRM has rounded up a few responses to the question, "What is it REALLY like to own a home"?

What is it REALLY like to own a home?

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  • You know that sound late at night, when you're laying in bed and just listening to what should be silence, but its not completely quiet? That's the sound of something breaking. (Reddit user hawkinsst7)

  • Rented for 12 years and finally bit the bullet and bought a house last November. It's honestly pretty cool to know that you can do whatever you'd like to a space and you only have to answer to yourself. (Reddit user Eagle115)

  • My wife and I are five months in on the first house either of us has owned. It's like an entire world of things I never thought of as a renter. I didn't even know what the f*** a soffit was 10 months ago. Now I own soffits, and think about them. (Reddit user kfpirate)

  • Yes. It's a blast. Had a few owls keeping me up all night. Went outside and scared one of them. Fun stuff. (Reddit user mattluttrell)

  • There's a sort of constant low-level dread that I think a lot of people don't anticipate. (Reddit user Malort_without_irony)

  • Owning a home sort of changes the life game. When you start to get your statements each month and see that you’re paying down the principal, even though it won’t be much at first, it feels good to know that those payments are working for you versus for your landlord. It’s true, sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle, but in the long run, it feels pretty darn good. (Reddit user emilylydian)

  • Basically for me its been a never ending game of [questioning] everything and hoping it turns out okay. Its not as stressful as I imagined, and projects move a lot slower than I thought they would too. (Reddit user Frictus)

  • I love owning my own home for the reasons others have given, and extra especially because I don't have to deal with landlords ever again. The longer I'm away from it the more I feel like I never want to go back to having creepy guys (ymmv) in my house asking me why this or that is broken, did I do it, am I the one peeing in the flowerbed (this actually happened, I wasn't!), and so on. (Reddit user losangelesmonamour)

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  • Over the last 5 years I have had to replace the roof, siding, flooring, toilets, paint, windows, etc. Make sure you can afford much more than just the payment. You can’t just call the landlord and things will get fixed. That being said, it is a great feeling of independence, and I have built up quite a bit of equity and will have cheap housing the rest of my life unless I get another mortgage on it. (Reddit user pdxchris)

  • It’s a great feeling knowing your equity is going up, and I love completing DIY projects! Overall a great choice for me, but I can’t emphasize enough the challenge of yard work. It sucks SO MUCH time. I recommend really thinking hard about how much yard you want and need. (Reddit user Roboculon)

  • As someone who went from sharing spaces in apartments and condos for 15 years owning a home is awesome. (Reddit user dabulls113)

  • It's very nice to own your home. The financials are important so make sure you find one that you're happy with for at least 3-5 years and think about what looks like a reasonably reliable home. (Reddit user Peter_Nencompoop)

  • Home ownership is a lifestyle choice, not a way to build significant wealth (IMO). I'm pretty sure that we could have made more money by renting and investing the difference, but owning gave us some freedoms that we really appreciate. (Reddit user entropic)

  • Owning a home is like walking across the desert and continuously sinking in quick sand. I've found it to be one of the dumbest decisions I have ever made. (Reddit user Grimacin)

  • Honestly I don't think we're saving any money owning a house but it is nice to be able to do whatever we want with it. We have more space than we did in our previous rentals but we could have rented a bigger place and probably broke even once you add in all the extra expenses of owning. (Reddit user garyspicniclife)

  • Yes sometimes, I feel a bit overwhelmed because all the responsibility is mine. But so is the control and I loved making a place work for me. (Reddit user txholdup)

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Bottom Line

The decision to purchase real estate and become a homeowner is a big life choice. As discussed in the above answers, buyer's remorse is common - especially once you encounter that first big upkeep expense. But when you start to get that creeping feeling of self-doubt, remember that renting and buying both have their downsides. Whether you're a die-hard renter or a newly minted homeowner, make sure to establish your goals and carefully design a plan to achieve them.

So what about you? What's your opinion on homeownership? Let us know in the comments below!

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