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Real estate agents are usually juggling multiple contacts, customers, leads, and prospects, so it's important to prioritize. Many agents do this by assigning a "grade" to each contact in their contact database. In this brief tutorial, we'll show you how to grade contacts in REALToDo.

What grading looks like in REALToDo

As with all things in REALToDo, tags will be applied across your mobile and web apps. These tags will be displayed as small buttons (shown below). Clicking on one of these tag buttons will filter out all contacts that do not share the same tags.

Grade tags on mobile app

REALToD Real Estate CRM Contact Details

REALToDo Real Estate CRM Applying Grade Tags

Grade tags on web app

REALToDo Real Estate CRM Applying Grade Tags on Web App

Creating grade tags in REALToDo

To create a tag in REALToDo, users need to select a contact and edit their details. In this case, contact tags would be changed to read "Grade A", "Grade B", and so on. Keep in mind that tags are case sensitive.

Creating grade tags on your mobile app

REALToDo Real Estate CRM Contact Options

REALToDo Real Estate CRM Editing Grade Tags

Creating grade tags on your web app

REALToDo Real Estate CRM Editing Grade Tags on Web App

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